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002 - At The Hansen Creek Trailhead - Light Bringers

NF-430, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by teampoki 1 year 1 day ago (8h 43m 47s since publication)

Snagged it!

003 - A Little Birdie Told Me - Light Bringers

124th Pl SE, Renton, WA, US

Claimed by Laurie253 1 year 1 month ago (8h 32m 53s since publication)

Didn’t expect the tag to still be there but it was!! Yay! Happy dance!

008 - This Ape Can See For Miles - Precursors

Cleator Rd, Bellingham, WA, US

Claimed by jamesamos5000 1 year 3 weeks ago (9h 41m 10s since publication)

Rainy day and ruff road but I got it!!

009 - Flock of Chickens - Precursors

Poplar Way, Alderwood, Lynnwood, WA, US

Claimed by benandjayme 1 year 2 weeks ago (16m 40s since publication)

Got it! We were just about to Leave the house headed to work, but this was a quick detour. See you at the mega. Thanks!

011 - APE on a Wharf - Light Bringers

James Bay, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by eltee291 1 year 1 month ago (8h 11m 53s since publication)

Yay, got it!! Wasn't sure if it would still be there. Here he is just down the road at Clover Point enjoying the view.

012 - Aping About at Stevens Pass - Light Bringers

US-2, Leavenworth, WA, US

Claimed by komikino 1 year 1 month ago (2h 45m 30s since publication)

It was here before, then disappeared. Then it came back so I got it!

014 - The Ape has gone exploring of the Ape Caves - Lily Commanders

NF-8303, Cougar, WA, US

Claimed by Team Mars 1 year 2 weeks ago (9d 8h 48m 46s since publication)

Grabbed this one as a prize at the WSGA SW chapter picnic. Thanks the person who donated it!

015 - This Ape got lost - Lily Commanders

NF-83, Cougar, WA, US

Claimed by Penguin Tracker 11 months 4 weeks ago (31d 16h 4m 9s since publication)

I am super excited about getting a chance to do the Ape Cache and attend my first Mega Event. I am really looking forward to finding some geocaches, the journey to the event with my friends and an adventure day with my father. This tag is icing on a huge cake for me, that I very much appreciate! I recently just learned about these awesome tags and was VERY LUCKY to have been pointed in the right direction from my good geo friend Razzl3&Dazzl3. Thank you to WSGA and all those involved with placing tags, for helping make my day out with my Dad and friends even more special! Penguin Tracker

017 - Floating the Wenatchee - Precursors

Chapel Dr, Leavenworth, WA, US

Claimed by Quiltist2 1 year 1 week ago (18d 9h 16m 22s since publication)

After a 39 mile drive I spend 45 minutes fondling the hint item and adjacent structures before giving up. I went to my property to set up the irrigation, had lunch, and returned to try again. I got excited when I found a coin jammed in the GR, but it was a bible verse coin from the nearby church vacation bible school. However, in less than 5 more minutes I had that elusive Ape in hand. Whew. Happy Dance. Tough little GR hide. At least I didn’t have to come back again with a boat and life vest. TFTC

018 - The Pirates of Cedar River - Precursors

Cedar River Trail, Renton, WA, US

Claimed by rumbleGnomeS 1 year 18 hours ago (7h 18m 22s since publication)

Finally found after almost 45mins if searching and waiting around for people to leave the picnic table! Our first ever!!

020 - Elma's APE - Light Bringers

Heise Rd S, Elma, WA, US

Claimed by grumpymariem 1 year 3 weeks ago (3d 6h 32m 52s since publication)

I found this Sunday morning and have been working since. can you make the font any smaller?

021 - Maybe They Owned It - Light Bringers

US-101, Chinook, WA, US

Claimed by Dmkll1 1 year 1 month ago (3d 4h 11m 43s since publication)

It was really pushed in there but we came prepared with a ton of tools. We saw it this morning in Salem Oregon and we headed out this way. 3/4 the way here we noticed someone said it was pushed way in. Just as I was pulling it out the hider showed up. Nice to meet the hider thanks for hiding

023 - Ape at the Park...Relaxing! - Lily Commanders

NE Nichols Blvd, Olympic East, Longview, WA, US

Claimed by ThrYar 1 year 1 week ago (4h 50m 21s since publication)

Iamlky and RogerTheTherapyDog and I were having a quiet Sunday morning and then this tag popped up. Made a quick run for the tiny find.

024 - Ape Stops to Smell the Flowers - Lily Commanders

S Grand Blvd, Manito, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by DragonButt 1 year 1 month ago (4h 51m 41s since publication)

Luv Manito Park! WildRozes says DragonButt go find it... DragonButt goes! Hahaha! TFTF!

026 - Yashiro Japanese Garden - Olympia, WA - Precursors

Plum St SE, Downtown, Tumwater, WA, US

Claimed by Mhillfamily 1 year 1 month ago (5h 37m 57s since publication)

Saw this one pop up this morning. Didn’t think it’d last until my lunch break.

027 - Sgt. Justin Norton - Rainier, WA - Precursors

Industrial Dr SE, Rainier, WA, US

Claimed by Pnwnerds 1 year 1 month ago (3h 56m 9s since publication)

Found on the way out of Rainier. Saw it post this morning and thought what the hell...heading to Spokane the weekend of Going Ape but might try to stop by on the way home.

029 - Long View - Light Bringers

US-30, Prescott, OR, US

Claimed by LadyLawJHF 1 year 1 month ago (16h 59m 55s since publication)

After a failed attempt with Tag 21, this was a nice find.

030 - Where Are The Trees? - Light Bringers

County 1225 Rd, Hermiston, OR, US

Claimed by AmyGirl70 1 year 1 week ago (2h 8m 26s since publication)

Woke up, saw it, jumped in car, claimed with the help of my boyfriend

032 - Camping at Lincoln Rock - Lily Commanders

Lincoln Rock State Park Rd, East Wenatchee, WA, US

Claimed by medicrncen 1 year 1 month ago (1d 15h 29m 22s since publication)

On my way for a 10 mile bike ride, the usual morning routine, when I saw this pop up. Diverted and found. Thanks!

033 - Okanogan Museum - Lily Commanders

3rd Ave N, Okanogan, WA, US

Claimed by t.v.wildfire 1 year 2 weeks ago (2d 1h 10m 46s since publication)

This little guy was camped out only 40 minutes from my home. Wasn't sure if I'd be able to snag him and was glad to find him still there.

035 - Ape visits HQ #35 - Precursors

Troll Ave N, Fremont, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by type2bill 11 months 4 weeks ago (13m 29s since publication)

Woohoo! So stoked to snag an ape!

036 - APE Tag #36 - Illahee SP - Precursors

NE Sylvan Way, Bremerton, WA, US

Claimed by DocMikey 11 months 3 weeks ago (1h 43m 8s since publication)

Woohoo!!!! Now this is how you start the day!!! Had all but given up that I was going to get my hands on one of these tags this time. Don’t know what even possessed me to check in my email box this morning, but to the surprise of my sleepy eyes there it was. My chance! Didn’t even read the description, just saw that it was available, changed my clothes and ran for it. Ape X is tomorrow! Not sure what I was thinking, but when I first looked, my heart sank a little bit. I had failed to remember that it was held by a magnet and completely glossed over it. The colors actually blended it in pretty well on this cloudy morning. Pulled back from the brink of defeat when my eyes locked on to the ape and skull coloring. If only every could start with this kind kind of uplift. I could tackle anything! Thanks for the hide and the tag!!!

038 - Mt. Tabor Park - Light Bringers

SE Salmon St, Mt. Tabor, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Middleagespread 1 year 3 weeks ago (5h 58m 4s since publication)

Got it! This will be our first Going Ape event.

039 - Pretty Idaho Valley - Light Bringers

Senkler Rd, Plummer, ID, US

Claimed by dgsnfltg 1 year 1 week ago (1h 36m 48s since publication)

Got it! Happened to be in the area with Amy. See y’all at the Ape!

041 - Spot the Ape in Langford - Lily Commanders

Ed Nixon Trail, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by sole seeker 1 year 1 month ago (4h 52m 33s since publication)

I have found over 60,000 geocaches, but this is my very first Snag Tag. Thanks for the fun!

042 - Holland Creek Trail Head - Lily Commanders

Dogwood Dr, Ladysmith, BC, CA

Claimed by hingis20 1 year 4 weeks ago (1d 11h 13m 3s since publication)

Found this one in Ladysmith on the way up to Nanaimo.

044 - Trans Canadian Trail - Precursors

Crowsnest Hwy, Fernie, BC, CA

Claimed by Three Stars 1 year 1 month ago (11h 30m 29s since publication)

This is the perfect find after our Tri-Cities Geocoin Challenge weekend. We did not expect to be able to find one this year. Yesterday we crossed back into Canada and stayed at my brothers place a bit south. What a surprise to see one on our route home. Thanks for hiding one here.

045 - I need a large truck - Precursors

BC-3, Sparwood, BC, CA

Claimed by GNorth 1 year 1 month ago (18h 6m 16s since publication)

Grabbed today with an assist from a fellow geocacher. Big toys for big boys!

047 - Remembering Oso - Light Bringers

Whitehorse Trail, Arlington, WA, US

Claimed by rambudo 1 year 1 month ago (1h 21m 59s since publication)

I am always in awe of this location. Thanks.

048 - Ape at the Caves

NF-4059, Granite Falls, WA, US location_on N 48 04.073, W 121 30.873 local_parking N 48 04.103, W 121 30.874

This Ape tag is hiding out near the Big Four Ice Caves. To find him, pull in to the picnic area. After you park somewhere near the parking coords, find the 4 signs telling you all about the area. From there, turn left toward the 5 picnic tables. Pull up at the middle table, and you will find him hiding under it at the mountain end. You might need to use your car key or other tool to retrieve him. Look for something white.

050 - Gig Harbor Cemetery - Lily Commanders

Drummond Dr NW, Gig Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by Makana50 1 year 1 month ago (1h 27m 51s since publication)

Was lucky enough to see this post right away and not to be at work yet beautiful drive out here I’ve never been out to the cemetery is very beautiful and peaceful this morning. Thank you very much ! 😃

051 - Narrows Park - Lily Commanders

Doc's Dr, Gig Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by H2SG2 1 year 4 weeks ago (3h 4m 26s since publication)

I love this little park and it’s fantastic view! Grabbed the ape and took a little rest to enjoy the view.

053 - Banana Bob - Precursors

Cheney Spokane Rd, Latah Valley, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by happyhunter12 11 months 4 weeks ago (46m 53s since publication)

Saw this pop up while drinking my morning coffee. Only about 8 miles from my house. Grass was WET. Grabbed Bob and am headed home to finish my coffee

054 - George - Precursors

Latah Valley, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Norak58 11 months 3 weeks ago (31m 29s since publication)

I'm gonna love him, I'm gonna pet him, I'm gonna squeeze him, and I'm call him George!

056 - Ape hanging with the herd - Light Bringers

WA-410, Enumclaw, WA, US

Claimed by tubatad 1 year 1 month ago (1d 17h 2m 9s since publication)

I saw the initial batch of tags publish and knew I had to go find one. As I was preparing to leave one after another got found, so I made the drive to Enumclaw where I figured not as many people would be heading. My gamble paid off as I found this one with no trouble at all.

057 - Ape looking for Moun10bike - Light Bringers

US-12, Goose Prairie, WA, US

Claimed by Bagheeracat1 1 year 1 month ago (2d 16h 13m 31s since publication)

We were so excited that this tag was still waiting for us when we crossed over White Pass.

059 - Classic APE - Lily Commanders

Avondale Rd NE, Cottage Lake, WA, US

Claimed by KirkGirls 11 months 3 weeks ago (56m 35s since publication)

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! I had just about given up hope for snagging a tag, but then this one magically appeared less than 20 minutes away from home. Off we raced! And then WE GOT IT!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event tomorrow.

060 - Rock Climbing Ape - Lily Commanders

136th Ave NE, The Wedge, Woodinville, WA, US

Claimed by radislander 1 year 4 days ago (10h 54m 36s since publication)

Left late for work and I thought to myself. Driving all the way from Kent to Woodinville....No way was I going to get the tag. Got to the location and I saw a lady looking at her phone as she was walking away from the climbing rock. I asked her if she got "IT" and she replied with , Got what? I said the ape tag and she replied she was playing pokemon go. We both laughed and I eventually found the tag.

062 - The Early Bird Gets the Worm* - Precursors

Iron Horse Trail, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US

Claimed by RRnCakes 1 year 3 weeks ago (2h 46m 52s since publication)

Oh little ape, you're too early for your event! Come caching with me for a bit instead.

063 - Clark Lake Monkey Business - Precursors

SE 240th St, Kent, WA, US

Claimed by Frisky Biscuits 1 year 1 month ago (2h 29m 40s since publication)

I had plans to cache this morning around Bothell with my Mom, but when I woke up and saw this tag had published we couldn’t resist diverting this way. The drive was quick and we found the tag right where it was hidden. Can’t wait for the event next month! Thanks :)

065 - Tumwater Falls - Light Bringers

Deschutes Way SW, Tumwater, WA, US

Claimed by seod42 1 year 1 month ago (7h 1m 48s since publication)

I got up with a new tag e mail and off I went the park was closed but there was some construction going on and the workers said come on in so I did. I took a short walk and found the tag with a great view of the falls. Thanks see you all at the ape event

066 - Watershed Park Pioneers - Light Bringers

Henderson Blvd SE, Tumwater, WA, US

Claimed by FortniteHunters 1 year 1 month ago (6h 13m 2s since publication)

Snagged this tag at 5:30 am on the 1st of July. Shortly after my wife left for work this morning I received a text from her saying that two Going Ape tags had published this morning, one at Tumwater Falls and one in Watershed park. I grabbed my keys and walked out the door since I had plenty of time before I had to be at work. Watershed was the closer option by a coue minutes of highway travel so I stopped here to start my hunt. I made my way down the familiar trail listening to the morning birds songs emanating from the forest. Once I arrived at GZ the hunt led me straight to the tag. SUCCESS. Now for work, not nearly as enjoyable. Thanks for the hunt.

069 - Rufus - Lily Commanders

SW Sedgwick Rd, Port Orchard, WA, US

Claimed by Seabecktribe 11 months 3 weeks ago (29m 16s since publication)

I was over here grabbing a cache for International Geocaching Day, then the alert popped up that there was a Spot The Ape tag near by.

071 - Adventure Bound - Precursors

Roche Harbor Rd, Friday Harbor, WA, US

Claimed by etimber3 11 months 4 weeks ago (10d 2h 21m 53s since publication)

I picked this up during my last time-off of the summer for camp.

072 - Looking for a new friend! - Precursors

Lervick Ave, Anacortes, WA, US

Claimed by Bubbledragon 1 year 1 month ago (11h 57m 20s since publication)

Found it but couldn't log until now, sorry!!

074 - Monkey Around at Pearrygin Lake State Park - Light Bringers

Rex Derr Trail, Winthrop, WA, US

Claimed by mooke 1 year 1 month ago (7h 50m 3s since publication)

Got it!

075 - Give me Liberty Bell or I'm Going Ape! - Light Bringers

NF-500, Winthrop, WA, US

Claimed by Walkingdead 1 year 1 month ago (8d 13h 12m 21s since publication)

Such an awesome location. Found quickly!

076 - Waterfalls chasing Ape - Lily Commanders

SE 160th St, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by Ebaben3 11 months 3 weeks ago (1h 43m 0s since publication)

Got it!

077 - Ape Needs REST!! - Lily Commanders

WA-504, Toutle, WA, US

Claimed by jjfeiler 1 year 3 weeks ago (15h 59m 25s since publication)

Took a chance that it would still be here and drove down from Issaquah. Now I can sleep easy til the ape event :)

080 - Yakima River Gateway Park - Precursors

WA-224, West Richland, WA, US

Claimed by Quilt or Cache 1 year 4 weeks ago (4h 15m 11s since publication)

Was at work catching up on Facebook when i seen it posted. Ran out and grabbed this.

081 - Chamna No Banana - Precursors

Carrier Rd, Richland, WA, US

Claimed by QueenCrazyCru 1 year 2 weeks ago (1h 32m 31s since publication)

Been wanting to catch up with the Ape since this started. Saw where he'd stopped near me when I first woke up today. So pumped to be able to catch up to him!

083 - Woodland Park Rose Garden - Light Bringers

Fremont Ave N, Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA, US

Claimed by syoliver 11 months 4 weeks ago (46m 41s since publication)

This was my last chance and I came allllll the way from Everett!! Brought my good luck pup.

084 - Feed the hungry Ape - Light Bringers

NE Gilman Blvd, Gilman, Issaquah, WA, US

Claimed by Tycoon Otto 11 months 3 weeks ago (37m 9s since publication)

Yippy... I just happen to have my phone in my hand when I got an alert for an email. I was only 15 minutes away and I thought hmm, 5 a.m., probably a good chance at snagging this one. Well, I was right. :) Now what...oh, I think I'll go maks some smileys. :) Thanks for the tag. :)

085 - Do not be miStaken by the Obvious - Lily Commanders

Tokul Rd SE, Snoqualmie, WA, US

Claimed by Binnon 1 year 3 weeks ago (1h 26m 25s since publication)

Shilly69 made the find as 2 other cachers showed up. We had a nice talk with them now on to Wenatchee.

089 - An Ape with Some Sharkz - Precursors

Esquimalt Rd, Victoria, BC, CA

Claimed by cedley 1 year 4 weeks ago (1d 4h 10m 27s since publication)

Found this yesterday! Sorry for the delay in posting a "Claimed it" Woo hoo! Off to the Ape Event next month :-)

092 - Riverview Wildlife Refuge Snohomish - Light Bringers

Ave I, Snohomish, WA, US

Claimed by Andinogirls2 1 year 1 week ago (1h 6m 40s since publication)


093 - Mukilteo Lighthouse Park - Light Bringers

Front St, Mukilteo, WA, US

Claimed by Neonpinkcrayon81 1 year 2 weeks ago (3h 10m 4s since publication)

Quick find with some drizzles. And had to pay for parking

095 - APE wanted to learn about Shaw

Blind Bay Rd, Eastsound, WA, US location_on N 48 34.385, W 122 57.660

APE saw this cool place on Shaw Island and wanted to hang out for a little bit. Got to talk to the person running the library and museum and they know about Geocaching and gave me permission to let the APE hang around here until someone can come and get him.

096 - Ape wants to celebrate at Celebration Park - Lily Commanders

S 324th St, Federal Way, WA, US

Claimed by Ruggedjoe 1 year 4 weeks ago

Made this find after waiting out a muggle.. Wasnt sure what it was but it peaked my intrest so im excited to have found it.

098 - Welcome to Priest Lake - Precursors

ID-57, Priest River, ID, US

Claimed by Moun10Bike 1 year 1 month ago (3h 4m 4s since publication)

I checked my email this morning and saw this tag had been placed in my backyard, so I rushed out to claim it!

099 - Horsing Around Ape - Precursors

Horseshoe Lake Rd, Deer Park, WA, US

Claimed by blacks99006 1 year 3 weeks ago (1h 28m 20s since publication)

I have been looking daily to see if anything published near was the day!!! I checked the clock...will I be late to work? Maybe...shall I risk it?? Yup!!! So off I go!! It was a quick grab..thank you!!

101 - Making Tracks... - Light Bringers

North Bend Rail Trail, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by BrookAiden 1 year 2 weeks ago (1h 57m 8s since publication)

Nice area beautiful views to

102 - Tunnel of Light - Light Bringers

Kendall Pl, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US

Claimed by Manni tribe 1 year 1 month ago (9h 7m 23s since publication)

Grabbed this one after missing the first one we tried for.

104 - Ape visits the Old Fishing Hole - Lily Commanders

Hawley Rd, Kent, WA, US

Claimed by Tumbleweed2 1 year 2 weeks ago (6h 49m 42s since publication)

Picked up this one, but forgot to snap a photo. Was tempted to drop a line in, but observed the age limit, and did not. I used to fish a lot, but not much since I started Geocaching.

105 - Cascade Field and Stream Club - Lily Commanders

Hayward Rd, Ellensburg, WA, US

Claimed by drjinx 1 year 4 weeks ago (3h 44m 12s since publication)

CryptoCacher and I raced out to try to spot this Ape this morning. We arrived on site at 8:19 am and had the tag in hand shortly thereafter. Thanks for the morning adventure!

107 - Oranga Going Ape - Precursors

46th Ave E, Tacoma, WA, US

Claimed by Jim and jan 1 year 4 weeks ago (54m 35s since publication)

Nice find this am only 20 minute drive from house.

108 - Scardy Ape - Precursors

Burnett-Fairfax Hwy, Carbonado, WA, US

Claimed by Andy.panda 1 year 3 weeks ago (5h 1m 18s since publication)

My partner found an Ape yesterday in Elbe, so today was my turn. A bit of a drive, but the ape was patiently waiting when we arrived!

110 - Explosive Tunnel - Light Bringers

Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by Rock Chalk 1 year 1 month ago (27m 10s since publication)

Found it! In Spokane for the coin challenge, we were way on the other side of town when this published. Decided to detour and give it a shot. Thanks!

111 - Rocky Tunnel - Light Bringers

N Rimrock Dr, Spokane, WA, US

Claimed by KC7DQM 1 year 1 month ago (42m 23s since publication)

Breakfast can wait. When the wife says"go get it" you don't argue, you run. Great caching weekend. Spofun on Saturday and the ape tag on Sunday.

113 - Fishing in Idaho! It's an Ape thing! - Lily Commanders

E Sunnyside Rd, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by GSFirefly 1 year 2 weeks ago (2h 34m 13s since publication)

Found at Blue Creek, Coeur d'Alene, ID. Looking forward to my first APE event.

114 - Happy 75th Birthday Smokey Bear - Coeur d'Alene - Lily Commanders

N Atlas Rd, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Claimed by Ibking 1 year 3 days ago (4h 53m 15s since publication)

Never thought i would find one awesome work Norak

117 - Cedar Mountain Hiking Ape - Precursors

181st Ave SE, Renton, WA, US

Claimed by Val63 1 year 3 weeks ago (5h 38m 22s since publication)

Thought this would have been found by now, but I guess not! Had to wait out a car parked right in front of the bench, but after they left, lo and behold, the tag was still there!

118 - Walking down the Springbrook Trail - Precursors

SW 39th St, Renton, WA, US

Claimed by Zehmgem 1 year 3 weeks ago (2h 2m 6s since publication)

Thanks everyone I happen to be close to this one.

119 - He’s watching you... - Light Bringers

136th Ave SE, Kent, WA, US

Claimed by mcrt 1 year 2 weeks ago (2h 4m 56s since publication)

Happened to be in the area this morning for work. First attempt at one of the Ape tags.

120 - He sees you when you're eating...he knows when you have steak... - Light Bringers

US-2, Leavenworth, WA, US

Claimed by LanSearch 1 year 3 days ago (15h 29m 18s since publication)

Got it, Yea! Place was very wet because of the rain. Finally, did not think there would be one for me this year.

122 - Happy 75th Birthday Smokey Bear - Newman Lake - Lily Commanders

N Thompson Creek Rd, Newman Lake, WA, US

Claimed by Haminnaro 1 year 2 days ago (1h 39m 30s since publication)

I’ve been trying to find one of these little guys for a while and today was the day sorry for the late post as I was in and out of cell service on my drive back to the main highway

123 - Happy 75th Birthday Smokey Bear - Spirit Lake - Lily Commanders

ID-41, Spirit Lake, ID, US

Claimed by wiildrose 11 months 4 weeks ago (7h 36m 20s since publication)

Drove an hour to get this one! Thought it would be gone by the time I had seen it, and traveled to it. Grabbed it, took something to my daughter, headed home, and saw some other cachers trying to find it. I pulled over and told them I'd already found it, so that they wouldn't have to search anymore. I've never found a tag before! Too kewl!

125 - Thade’s Revenge - Precursors

Wapato Greenway, Portland, OR, US

Claimed by Y2K' 1 year 1 month ago (4d 0h 37m 56s since publication)

The experience was all the nexts and messages I got about claiming it. It’s a little different then it has been done in the past.

126 - Ari’s Warning - Precursors

NE 35th Ave, Pleasant Valley, Vancouver, WA, US

Claimed by Legogrrl 1 year 1 month ago (1h 4m 23s since publication)

My good friend was gracious enough to let me know this had just popped up so I jumped in the car and dashed over! Thank you!

128 - Steve the third explorer - Light Bringers

Captain William Clark Park Trail, Washougal, WA, US

Claimed by Razzl3&Dazzl3 1 year 1 month ago (1h 36m 50s since publication)

Wow, these are tiny but mighty! It how the power to make me stop my walk when I got a call saying one was close by! Thank you to the hider!

129 - This ape needs salt - Light Bringers

Lewis and Clark Way, Seaside, OR, US

Claimed by Cbagaason 1 year 2 weeks ago (7h 22m 3s since publication)

A little slow to figure out how to log it (password challenged on the road), but I got! Yippeeee!

131 - It Begins Here... - Lily Commanders

BC-13, Langley Twp, BC, CA

Claimed by MulderClan! 1 year 1 week ago (1h 15m 38s since publication)

Was on my way to the Automall for what will likely be some unplanned expensive A/C repairs. Maybe this will ease the pain a little. Thank you for placing this.

132 - Monkeying Around - Lily Commanders

Woodland Dr, Langley Meadows, Langley Twp, BC, CA

Claimed by XakTsaroth 11 months 3 weeks ago (1h 13m 19s since publication)

Wow, my first tag ever! So excited! Log more later.

134 - Flying APE - Precursors

Richmond, BC, CA

Claimed by kylekite 1 year 4 weeks ago (1h 14m 47s since publication)

On my way to work when this popped up. Never thought I would have a chance to get one 😎😎

135 - APE's Gaze - Precursors

Langley Twp, BC, CA

Claimed by brilang 1 year 22 hours ago (18m 26s since publication)

Was driving along Zero Ave in my way to work when my phone dinged. A quick detour later, and I found myself wandering down the trail to the gazebo. It didn't take me very long to snag this tag once I got there! Now I'm going to be late for work!

137 - Quiet pond - Light Bringers

S 17th Ave, Pasco, WA, US

Claimed by Cov3rts 11 months 4 weeks ago (2h 13m 47s since publication)

Took a little searching but found it.

138 - What time is it? It’s time for lunch! - Light Bringers

Amon Park Dr, Richland, WA, US

Claimed by teamhammitt 1 year 2 days ago (49m 6s since publication)

Snagged during our WSGA BBQ!!!

139 - Tunnel Ahead - Lily Commanders

Iron Horse Trail, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US

Claimed by Hammncheese 11 months 3 weeks ago (15m 9s since publication)

Yay!!!!! Snagged one!

140 - Wrong Way Ape

Hyak Dr E, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US location_on N 47 23.415, W 121 23.530

Someone told the this Ape the tunnel was this way They were wrong can you help them

141 - This Ape is a Ham - Lily Commanders

Tinkham Rd, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by Mctiguetowne 11 months 3 weeks ago (2h 59m 45s since publication)

Last minute find before going ape. A true race between the avalanche and Tacoma.

143 - Short Walk Down the Beach - Precursors

Five Mile Dr, West End, Tacoma, WA, US

Claimed by 2nd1of3 1 year 3 weeks ago (4h 57m 22s since publication)

Took my time getting here, even took a wrong turn and had drive the whole 5-mile drive to return to the correct turn-off. There was a family nearby but oblivious of my searching. Thanks for the Ape Coin.

144 - Taking the Train - Precursors

WA-7, Elbe, WA, US

Claimed by TheTrailAwaits 1 year 3 weeks ago (3h 14m 2s since publication)

Saw this two hours after it was posted. I was surprised and very happy to see it still available.

145 - Road Closed - Free Agents

NF-9034, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by Latetrap 11 months 3 weeks ago (3h 11m 4s since publication)

Wahoo! Last chance. I chased four tags up I-90 on my way to the Ape Event. I was no more that 5 minutes too late on the first three. Frustration was setting in..... I arrived at the four and last one with very low expectations. Bu there it was!! And then I got to smile as others pulled up behind me. Thanks "Spot the Ape" and "Snag The Tag" for a great promotion.

146 - Going Swimming - Free Agents

Hyak Dr E, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US

Claimed by Hikingguypnw 11 months 3 weeks ago (30m 57s since publication)

At the Ape event and learned from another cacher about this aspect of the game! Yay me!

147 - Learning to Ski - Free Agents

NF-9041, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by Layer of pipe11 11 months 3 weeks ago (27m 29s since publication)

Was loading up the car from the hotel I am staying at and seen this posted not a min away. Jumped in the car and made the grab. Thanks!!

149 - An Ape with Asahel Curtis - Free Agents

NF-9035, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by NepoKama 1 year 1 month ago (7h 21m 7s since publication)

Saw this pop up along our planned drive for today, made the stop and a quick find.

150 - Sandwiched - Free Agents

NF-5510, North Bend, WA, US

Claimed by Kimbo1016 1 year 2 days ago (2h 21m 58s since publication)

I found it!!