123 - Happy 75th Birthday Smokey Bear - Spirit Lake - Lily Commanders

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ID-41, Spirit Lake, ID, US

With August 9, 2019, being Smokey Bear's 75th Birthday AND with all of the current forest fires in the Inland Empire, this Ape decided to visit Smokey at the Idaho Transportation Department, in Spirit Lake, to see if there was anything he could do to help out. After all this Ape has a little bit of free time left before he is needed at the Ape event. Smokey asked him to hang out and help him watch for new forest fires. You will find this Ape under the rocks at fence post on the right.


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check_circle 1 year 5 months ago

Drove an hour to get this one! Thought it would be gone by the time I had seen it, and traveled to it. Grabbed it, took something to my daughter, headed home, and saw some other cachers trying to find it. I pulled over and told them I'd already found it, so that they wouldn't have to search anymore. I've never found a tag before! Too kewl!


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Likely picked up. Please claim!


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