131 - It Begins Here... - Lily Commanders

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BC-13, Langley Twp, BC, CA

Will Rodman had no idea that the home he had found for Caesar was less sanctuary, and more prison. Caesar simply could not live with Will and his family any longer, and the zoo lauded itself as an ideal new home for him.

What Will could not have foreseen was the inevitable outcome when Caesar was pushed too far by his new hosts.

The day has come, and the Apes will rise. Can you find Caesar as he leads the escape?

The signs are there, and he is already outside of the main gates... Caesar will rail against the establishment and can be found under the arrow.


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check_circle 1 year 1 month ago

Was on my way to the Automall for what will likely be some unplanned expensive A/C repairs. Maybe this will ease the pain a little. Thank you for placing this.


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