145 - Road Closed - Free Agents

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NF-9034, North Bend, WA, US

This Ape totally likes what his little buddy was doing with chasing waterfalls and wanted to as well. But alas, there was a blockage! The ape decided to rest and collect it’s thoughts.

By sign under rock


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check_circle 1 year 4 months ago · Edited 1 year 4 months ago

Wahoo! Last chance. I chased four tags up I-90 on my way to the Ape Event. I was no more that 5 minutes too late on the first three. Frustration was setting in..... I arrived at the four and last one with very low expectations. Bu there it was!! And then I got to smile as others pulled up behind me. Thanks "Spot the Ape" and "Snag The Tag" for a great promotion.


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