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NF-83, Cougar, WA, US

This Ape went looking for the Ape Canyon to hang out and have a hiking party but took a wrong turn and ended up in the Lava Canyon. After it went down and looked at the amazing waterfall it found a place to tuck in and hide on the way back up from those muggles that were headed down the trail. look behind the sign - you will need a NorthWest Forest Pass or National Park Pass if you want to spend some time here - but this can be found in under 2 minutes from the parking lot.


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I am super excited about getting a chance to do the Ape Cache and attend my first Mega Event. I am really looking forward to finding some geocaches, the journey to the event with my friends and an adventure day with my father. This tag is icing on a huge cake for me, that I very much appreciate!

I recently just learned about these awesome tags and was VERY LUCKY to have been pointed in the right direction from my good geo friend Razzl3&Dazzl3. Thank you to WSGA and all those involved with placing tags, for helping make my day out with my Dad and friends even more special!

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Picked up.

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Found this little guy and he wanted to go on a walkabout! Thank you to the Hider!


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