Tag: 020 - Elma's APE - Light Bringers

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Heise Rd S, Elma, WA, US

Elma's APE is confused. He's in a rest area and can't decide if he's hiding under a rhododendron or under its pinecone. (Wait! Do rhododendrons have pinecones?) Please, somebody rescue this poor guy and set him straight!

Gur Eubqbqraqeba va dhrfgvba vf abg va oybbz. Haqre n ynetr cvarpbar gung vf arne n fznyyre cvarpbar gung ubyqf qbja n lryybj vgrz jryy fhvgrq sbe n PVGB.


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check_circle 10 months 1 week ago

I found this Sunday morning and have been working since. can you make the font any smaller?


cancel 10 months 2 weeks ago

Stopped by with Sproutter. Found the yellow cito item but not the tag. At least they could have picked up the cito item too.


publish 10 months 2 weeks ago