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US-101, Chinook, WA, US

It seems like, based on the history present, the Chinook owned this land and controlled whomever moved across it. I would venture that the APE was here first and decided it was too complex to deal with the Chinook when they arrived, so they just kept quiet and ventured out when ever they wanted. I doubt the Chinook ever caught on.

There is an APE here for now, hiding quietly, out of sight. He needs a rescue! Smaller hands may be needed, but mine aren't particularly small so you may be ok.

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check_circle 9 months 3 days ago

It was really pushed in there but we came prepared with a ton of tools. We saw it this morning in Salem Oregon and we headed out this way. 3/4 the way here we noticed someone said it was pushed way in. Just as I was pulling it out the hider showed up. Nice to meet the hider thanks for hiding


description 9 months 3 days ago

This item has been buried so far into the hide hole that it wont come out. You can barely make out the tag in my picture


publish 9 months 6 days ago